Apartment in Kifissia

The apartment is located in the traditionally preserved center of Kifissia on the third floor of a building with three-floor apartments. Entering the apartment is the open plan living room with a dining area and a kitchen. On the right, the huge balcony door overlooks the center of Kifissia. The opposite wall is lined with a mirror that reflects the living room and the balcony doors, giving the illusion of depth and the space looks bigger. The furniture is in shades of gray and the lamps have come from Italy. The kitchen is white at the top while the bottom has the shade of cement mortar. The master bedroom is upholstered in warm tones with a fur texture and two rose gold bedside lamps hang from the ceiling. In the guestroom the sliding doors of the wardrobe have been lined with a mirror that gives depth to the space and the wall has been lined with wallpaper in light tones with leather tecture. Wall sconces are collapsible and close when not in use. In the gray bathroom the wall is covered with ceramic tile and the bathroom furniture made of pear wood gives a warm tone to the space.

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