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The Life Box architects

Architectural & Interior design

The Studio

Anthi Tetradis is an architect, A.U.TH. since 1993, and has an MSc in Business Administration at HAU and Nashua N. Hamshire Univ. majoring in Project Management.

She has initially worked at Dimaras Construction and Pierris Architects on a variety of private residential projects in the northern suburbs as well as commercial projects such as Sklavenitis SM, Carrefour SM, Evelpidon School Swimming Pool, and Hotels in Santorini. Then, after working as a freelancer, she founded her own office, “A+D Architectural Studio”, which was later renamed “The Life Box”. She has many years of experience in the design and construction of private and commercial projects, carried out together with an experienced team of specialist partners in their design and implementation.

Sandy Hadjikournakis has studied Decoration at AKTO and attended a number of seminars on photorealism. She has worked for many years on designing projects that have participated in competitions and specialize in 3D design.

At the same time, she has worked as a consultant decorator in a multitude of private and commercial projects in shops, offices, and hotels.

Anthi Tetradis

Sandy Hadjikournakis

Human centered design

Our design is targeting the interaction between humans and buildings. Architecture apart from providing shelter creates physiological responses in people that can promote long-term health and well-being. Furthermore, by designing according to each individual lifestyle, budget, and future plan and by paying attention to the functionality of the buildings, their aesthetics, their economic management, and their resistance over time we aim to create a unique life experience.

Energy and Biophilic design

Our buildings are low in energy consumption and have a low carbon footprint. During the design process, we protect and respect the environment as well as during the construction of our projects, creating conditions that reduce the cost of maintaining the buildings and protect the health of the people who live or work within them.

Respect for the local color

The materials, the styles, the shades, and the location of the buildings in the relief of the landscape as well as the history, are the parameters that we serve with respect in the design and the construction of the buildings.