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The Life Box architects

Architectural & Interior design
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Architectural planning

We design rooms based on your unique needs, budget, modern technological advancements, and trends. Through the utilization of:

✓ Our years of experience
✓ Our dedicated partners
✓ The modern design tools

In order to create buildings with a modern and aesthetic environment that will provide a new life experience we prirotize the following:

✓ Safety
✓ Persistence over time
✓ Efficiency
✓ Aesthetics

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Equally important with the complete design of a project, is the implementation of its construction. Our presence in all construction phases with the parallel coordination and organization of the site procedures ensures:

✓ The trustworthy transfer of design
✓ The completion of the project within the stipulated time frames
✓ Securing costs within the projected budget

Our main goal in the management of each project is to achieve a high level of functionality and aesthetics without neglecting the detail of the final result. Dealing with and resolving unforeseen issues, which inevitably arise due to the inherent complexity of any construction project, make our participation in construction essential to its successful completion.

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Interior design

Through the planning of floor plans and 3D designs the original idea acquires a complete form that then, through the construction, the layout of the spaces, the choice of materials, furniture, and equipment, a modern space with character and modern aesthetics emerges, offering a life experience, whether it is a home or a professional environment that will highlight and promote your corporate identity.