Bangalow in Sounio

The property is one of the many bungalows of a complex located on a peninsula and is used as a place to relax on weekends and for summer vacations. The living room with a kitchenette overlooks the sea as does the master bedroom. A smaller bedroom and bathroom are located at the back. The ceiling has wooden beams in an off-white color and the floor is wooden in gray. The dining table is made of construction materials treated with a water jet and the stools have an industrial character. The wall which is painted with blackboard paint, hosts summer paintings and is a space of free expression for the family of three. In the bedroom, the headboard is made of wood, and the metal bedside tables and lamps follow the character of the living room. The kitchen is white and harmonizes with the white walls. The sofa with the stripes, the wicker lamps, the wooden decorations, and the objects made of painted terracotta give a summer note to the space.

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